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Our Mission

Client Centered

DALA......this is an acronym for my family's first names. David, Allison, Luke, Aaron (oldest to youngest)..we're a family financial services company. Every member of our family is an important part of this business and your family is part of our family……

Actual logo itself - 
Circle....we look at a client's entire financial picture/situation.
Hand at bottom of circle: our firm is always there for the client every step of the way no matter what the situation and we always do what's in their best interest. It's about the client not DALA...we put the client in our hands.
3 different stacks of coins: represents diversification of the family's entire financial picture (inside the circle) within DALA's "hand." Our responsibility is doing what's right for the client.

The entire logo represents the following: We are a family financial services company taking care of our client families through proper diversification guiding them every step of the way. At DALA Financial Services LLC, we specialize in helping women and couples build comprehensive financial plans to live more meaningful and stress-free retirements

One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

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